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29. 11. 2022

The third doctor sent by the Czech Heart Foundation for a foreign internship during the month of November is MUDr. Monika Fialová from the University Hospital Hradec Králové. In her case, it is the Cardiac Centre in Aalst, Belgium.

25. 11. 2022

We are very happy that the Czech Heart Foundation could support MUDr. Martina Podolec in her month-long internship in Leicester, UK.

18. 11. 2022

MUDr. Kristýna Koščálová is one of three young cardiologists who were sent by the Czech Heart Foundation to a internship abroad this month. In this case to Leipzig, Germany.

10. 08. 2022

A great signal that the world is returning to normal after the pandemic, even in Africa. At the beginning of August, 3 students from Ethiopia came to the University Hospital Hradec Králové for an internship. They are doing a 2-month internship in different departments of the hospital.

25. 07. 2022

We have good news from Nepal. In collaboration with Nepalese doctors, mitral and aortic valve replacement with mechanical prostheses for rheumatic heart disease was performed. The patient's name is Samsul Dewan, he is 40 years old, he has a family and now he is able to live a normal life. The man was diagnosed with bi-valvular post-rheumatic disability. The whole operation cost 5200 USD and was funded by the Czech Heart Foundation.

11. 05. 2022

MUDr. Barbora Řiháková from the University Hospital in Motol is another young cardiologist who, thanks to the Czech Heart Foundation, can spend 1 month at a prestigious foreign workplace. This is her experience after her first week in Aalst, Belgium.

01. 03. 2022

As the Czech Heart Foundation we condemn Russian aggression in Ukraine.
We must and do respond to current events.

We are donating CZK 100,000 for the purchase of medical equipment.

04. 01. 2022

Great New Year news came from Nepal. The operation, which we planned since the end of November last year and financed by the financial support received in cooperation with Proběhni.se, turned out great. A 40-year-old patient named Inearjeet Sah, father of 4 children, was successfully operated in Birgunj on New Year's Day. The man had significant post-rheumatic mitral and aortic valve involvement. He is now stable and enjoying good health.

22. 11. 2021

Thanks to MUDr. Roman Gebauer and the Czech Heart Foundation, our young cardiologists have been able to do internships at the top Cardiac Center in Leipzig for the third year in a row. Many thanks.

16. 11. 2021

Dr. Veronika Vejtasová spent the second week in the Herzzentrum Lepzig on an internship under the auspices of the Czech Heart Foundation.

13. 08. 2021

Another funded operation in Nepal by our foundation! Gayatri Devi, a 47-year-old woman from Nepal having severe coronary artery disease, which means that her coronary arteries are significantly narrowed by atherosclerosis. In everyday life, therefore, she has to deal with breathing problems and constant chest pain. Gayatri is a mother of two children, together with her husband they are farmers and their family daily income is about 4 USD. This week, Gyatri will undergo a triple bypass, which was estimated at $ 3,000, an amount will be fully paid by Czech heart foundation.

22. 07. 2021
We are pleased to announce that the Czech Heart Foundation is coming up with another product, which is a new educational portal called Prague ICU.
It is a free educational platform dedicated to all doctors, nurses and medical students.
More at www.pragueicu.com.

13. 04. 2021
Suliman Miya Dhobi's successful operation cost approx. $ 5,057. This father of 5 children, a salesman in a chicken shop with a daily income of about $ 10, could never afford the operation on his own. We are glad that thanks to you, the supporters of the Nadační fond České srdce / Czech Heart Foundation and Proběhni.se, we can change human destinies in countries where health insurance does not exist. All honors to surgeons Kaushal Tiwari and Afroz Ansari for their skillfull hands and good heart.

10. 04. 2021

Great news. We are very happy to inform you that the surgical procedure of Suliman Miya Dhobi went well yesterday! Our friend, dr. Kaushal Tiwari and dr. Afroz Ansari performed a double valve replacement in National medical College Birgunj in Nepal. The patient was already extubated and will remain on ICU till tomorrow. 

14. 04. 2020

The Easter Challenge has its first recipients - Na Kosiku Clinic - www.klinikanakosiku.cz


Director Mrs. Jakubovová recently received 250 masks for her patients. The clinic provides non-stop medical rehabilitation and nursing care to patients in need of after-treatment and rehabilitation after acute illness or after surgery. Great that we can help.

07. 04. 2020

The Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute Brno - 100 drapes was also given from My Tailoring in Brno. They asked us for help for their patients. The drapes will be delivered to outpatient cancer patients.

03. 04. 2020

Mr. Miroslav belongs to a very endangered group after a heart attack. It is great that he learned from his daughter that we distribute masks in Prague at St. Ludmila and came for her. Tell your grandparents. We are also in Brno in the pharmacy at the University Hospital at St. Anna in Brno. We will be in the pharmacy on Mendel Square in Brno this weekend.

01. 04. 2020

First seniors and people with heart problems receive masks in Brno and Prague.


Thank you for helping our seamstresses from My Tailor's in Brno and Mrs. Kabelová, Smetana and Zsizis, who sewed for us in Prague.


And last but not least, Monika Kralova, Maria Holicka and Anna Chaloupka for their help in distribution.

10. 03. 2020

A good thing has happenned. Last week, a 11-year-old Robel was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, with which he would not certainly survive till adulthood. Today we met him and his mother, after the operation, he is doing well!

09. 02. 2020

On behalf of treating surgeons Kaushal Tiwari, we would like to inform you that our foundation help to Mrs. Monaija Khatoon from Nepal. Diagnosis of Rheumatic Heart Disease with severe mitral stenosis. We paid mitral valve replacement and saved her life. We hope that she is fine now. We will provide to you further information

15. 01. 2020

We are very happy that we managed to save another human life. Thanks to the financial assistance of our foundation, 26-year-old Sunita Kumari from a very poor part of Nepal (Raamban, Sarlahi) was able to undergo a mitral valve replacement at Birgunj Hospital. The operation went well and her whole family is grateful for the help that came from the Czech Republic. Thank you Kaushal Tiwari and Ramchandra Khattri for helping us plan the operation.



13. 11. 2019

Thanks to our foundation, MUDr. Jakub Flašík from the University Hospital Olomouc was in Leipzig, Germany for an one-month internship to the Cardiocentre. 

30. 10. 2019

Abdelazim Mohammad Suliman is a 25-year old man from Darfur area in Sudan, who was recently diagnosed with severe rheumatic affection of aortic and mitral valves. He developed shortness of breath, chest pain and fatigue. His family could not afford paying the surgery, as the total price is 4 000 USD. Despite help from state insurance and friends, he was still missing 1 500 USD. We are very happy that board of our foundation agreed on providing donation to support this urgent operation, which will be held today in Alshaab Hospital, Khartoum, Sudan. We wish him all the best, and we will keep you informed about his outcome. 


Abdelazim’s heart operation was successful, we are very happy for that. Thank you for your support. Every single life matters ❤️

09. 08. 2019

Already the third young cardiologist supported by our foundation in the path to education is MUDr. Tereza Havlenová from IKEM in Prague, who is now on a one-month internship at St Thomas' Hospital in London.

28. 06. 2019

Another student of medicine who attended a training program within our Czech Heart Academy platform was Jana Slesarenko (under the leadership of Eva Borišincová, Evina Bore). Congratulations! And we also thank IKEM for working on the project.

24. 06. 2019

The mission to Botswana is over, within five days our doctors have echocardiographically examined almost 700 people, including 340 children. The entire mission was organized in collaboration with local doctors from the capital, Gaborone, and was the first ever screening of rheumatic heart disease in this country. We found a total of seven pathological findings. All of them were then taken care of, whether in the form of scheduled clinical check-ups, or in two cases the timing of early operations. None of the screened people had been aware of their illness before. Thank you all for your support!

21. 06. 2019

This is Kapenawarwe, 20-year old woman from Maun, Botswana. She was just diagnosed with severe post-rheumatic mitral regurgitation, already with left atrium dilation. She was not aware of her heart disease. This is another example, how important our missions are. If she hasn’t been screened, her 1,5 year old baby would have to grow-up without her mother ❤️

16. 06. 2019

Today, our team continued in their screening in the north part of Botswana. In total, 80 children were screened in local schools for rheumatic and congenital heart disease. Their gratitude, smile and happiness are simply contagious!

14. 06. 2019

On our very first day, we have screened almost 100 children from Moremi basic school in Maun, Botswana. It was a nice surprise that we have found only two cases of probable rheumatic heart disease. No congenital heart disease was found. Tomorrow, we will continue with another two schools ❤️

10. 04. 2019

As perhaps the very first medical entity in our country's history, we organized and helped pay for a foreign internship for two nurses. 

18. 03. 2019

One of the main pillars of our activity is to support the education of young cardiologists. That is why we supported MUDr. Eva Poláková from the University Hospital in Motol in a monthly clinical internship in one of the best cardiology centers in Europe, at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London.

05. 03. 2019

Yes, another proof that our missions are of crucial importance! Already second young person will have the opportunity to live a normal life. Just two weeks after the detection of significant post rheumatic stenosis of the mitral valve, the 30-year-old Tanahi Nepal, underwent the balloon valvuloplasty of this valve in the city of Bharatpur.

01. 03. 2019

Thanks to the Czech Heart Foundation / Czech Heart Foundation, MUDr. Tereza Schimerová will be able to travel and take part in a one-month internship in one of the best cardiac centers in Europe, in Leipzig, Germany.

14. 02. 2019

The mission to Nepal is over. In total, we examined over 1,200 people, of which more than half of the children. We have detected 14 heart defects that we will continue to follow. We are ready to financially support the treatment of all children and the costs of transport to performance and medication. And already during the mission we have ensured the operation of small Sunity ❤️ Enjoying solid health. None of this would be possible without your support. Thank you for that.

31. 01. 2019

Today we are happy and we are celebrating. Thirteen-year-old Sunita, who was investigating the first day of our Nepalese mission in the village Jugedi, went for PTMC. Everything was done without complications. Immediately a positive result was apparent, and little Sunita smiled. We wish her a healthy life!

16. 11. 2018

As part of a mission in Sudan, the Czech Heart Foundation financially supported the operation of the six-month Fatima. Our doctors Michal Pazdernik and Radoslav Maxian will be present at the operation. The whole performance costs two thousand dollars. Parents of a little girl would not be able to afford the surgery. Today we met a small one and gave her a gift from our fans from the Czech Republic - a giant plush toy which can give her courage. The operation of the 6-month Fatima was successful without complications. Little girl was brave and we are glad we could help her to keep her childhood from being affected by a heart defect. We wish her a strong health!

14. 11. 2018

The doctors of the Czech Heart Foundation Michal Pazdernik from IKEM in Prague and Radoslav Maxian from VÚSCH in Košice visited a primary school near Khartoum. The aim is to examine the local pupils free of charge. Nearly one hundred children who would not normally be able to undergo such an examination. But the our program will allow them. Great!

16. 08. 2018

Nihad Mamo and Hanaa Mamoun Osman have arrived to the Czech Republic. They have started their one month internship at IKEM today, first week will be devoted to cardiology with their mentor dr. Michal Pazdernik. Welcome Nihad and Hana

01. 08. 2018

Teshome Alene and Su'ad Mohammed have started their third week of internship in Fakultní nemocnice Hradec Králové. After attaching to Department of Surgery and Department of Gynecology, this week they are obtaining clinical experience at Radiology and Nuclear medicine. Good luck and enjoy your stay here Teshome and Suad

10. 06. 2018

One of our aims is to develop Czech cardiology, hence we have decided to establish the Czech Heart Academy programme. Today, under the guidance of Martin Bláha, MD, first medical student has completed our cardiology course at IKEM. Congratulations to Barbora Chabova on obtaining our certificate!

29. 05. 2018

We have just paid 53,549 Czech crowns for our doctors' flights to South Africa (Mpumalanga area), where they will take part in an echocardiographic screening mission from 13 to 28 July 2018. Tereza Mikusova, Maria Holicka and Jan Naar will create the Czech branch of an international team that will be led by dr. Julia Grapsa, whose main aim will be to find hidden heart defects in poor children. Early detection of heart disease increases the likelihood of successful treatment and we see great sense in it, therefore we have decided to financially support this mission.

30. 04. 2018

GREAT NEWS !!!! Thanks to Cardion company (http://www.cardion.cz/) and our friend dr. Kaushal Tiwari, our young patient has been successfully operated two days ago. Thanks to great co-operation, we have saved one young human life. See the story bellow.
@every single human life counts

Our patients is a 21-year old boy from very remote area of Nepal called Bajhang. He is studying in the city of Bharatpur (place where dr. Kaushal Tiwari works). Recently, he has started to have shortness of breath during his regular activities. Severe combined postrheumatic mitral valve affection was diagnosed. This young gentleman comes from a very poor family. His father is a farmer and he has another 3 siblings. They could not afford the cost of the treatment. Due to the support from the Nadační fond České srdce / Czech Heart Foundation, Cardion company, Government of Nepal Fund for Poor Patients and support from the National Heart And Lung Society, his surgery was done and he didn't have to pay the cost of the treatment.

24. 04. 2018

904 + 200 + 450 200 = SUCCESS

904 runners, screened for cardiovascular risk more than 200 people and raised 450 200 CZK for medical programs of Nadační fond České srdce / Czech Heart Foundation. Fantastic succes Proběhni.se. Many thanks for all support

15. 02. 2018

Tenth saved child!


We are very pleased that thanks to our help, we have managed to perform catheter surgery to the tenth child with congenital heart disease (persistent ductus arteriosus) in Sudan's Khartoum! This was the 19-month-old baby Abbas Abdurah, who had recurrent respiratory infections as the onset manifestation of heart failure. The catheterization set, which cost about 800 US dollars, could never be afforded by a poor family from rural area of Sudan. This has sense.

10. 11. 2017

The third mission in the history of our foundation is over, we have screened altogether 951 people in 5 days !!! We were examining BMI, blood pressure, glycemia and heart function using echardiography. Thanks to all team members, it was unforgettable time.

27. 07. 2017

Two talented Ethiopian students from Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia just undergo an internship in the Department of Cardiac Surgery at the hospital Fakultní Nemocnice Hradec Králové. Dawit Muche Tavabe (23) a Addis Tadesse Tedla (25) from Ethiopia in the operating room

10. 07. 2017
It is a great pleasure to announce you that our spectrum of help in education of African medical students has been extended. Two talented Ethiopian students from Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, also thanks to our help, have arrived today in the Czech Republic and will complete a 6-week internship at the Hradec Králové University Hospital (Fakultní nemocnice Hradec Králové). We see great potential in this activity, and we believe that this direct education support will be of great benefit in the future.


20. 06. 2017

Roaa Alrofaay Hagar and Esraa H. Hussien are one of the most talented medical students of Alzaiem Alazhari University in Khartoum, Sudan. They will be the first female students who will come to IKEM for one month internship in August 2017. Girls just received invitation letter

06. 06. 2017

Ghana stays in our hearts. Over 300 patients went for a heart examination - 5 villages and cities. Great experiences and memories.

17. 04. 2017

With happy kids in poor village Dutch Komenda after examinations. Unbelievable experience with Less Privileged Ghana Foundation in beautiful Ghana

11. 04. 2017

We have just finished a meeting with dr. Yao, amazing woman and of the three pediatrician cardiologists in Ghana. All patients who will be diagnosed with some heart disease during our screening will be referred to National Cardiothoracic centre in Ghana

29. 03. 2017

Another person in Sudan has a chance for a normal life. Twenty years old Mona Abdulrahman Sabil from North Kordofan in the west of Sudan would not survive without our help. Now he has a healthy heart. The first adult patient supported by the African Heart. Thanks for cooperation to Ahmed Gasim Hospital

23. 03. 2017

We will take to Ghana not only medical team, free examinations and medical assistance. We also carry joy for the little ones. Toys which treat in a different way: by puting smile on children face. Thank you 

03. 03. 2017

There are never enough of good news. Today we have some super one from Sudan. Another child has a hope for a seamless childhood. Thanks to African Heart Foundation. Her name is Hatem Tanzeal and she has three years. Good luck

27. 02. 2017

Thanks to your support, we paid for the catheter surgery of first child this year. The five-year Aya Yousif from North Darfur is in a good condition. The procedure was performed without complications. 20.000 CZK for the catheter set enabled little Aya normal childhood and a life without limitations. Thank you

20. 02. 2017

Life is like a puzzle. And internship at IKEM in Prague may be important part. Students from Sudan Mohammed Magzoub and Mustafa M ELhassan already know about it. They have first week successfully behind. 

02. 02. 2017

Our April medical mission to Ghana is possible only with help of the Less Privileged Ghana Foundation - non-profitable organisation helping less privileged people in Ghana. Thanks to co-founder David Ekow Duron for all his help with preparation. And we are looking forward to the journey together


15. 11. 2016

Her name is Shahd Abadie - 16 months and 8.5 kg. She was having respiratory tract infection because of her congenital heart disease. Now, thanks to support of the African Heart Foundation, she is in good health after the catheterization procedure. Good news.

13. 10. 2016

Today we performed catheterization procedures of two small kids in Mawada Hospital of Khartoum. One-year old Muataz and three-years old Munsin. Both kids with congenital heart disease. Both are in good shape now. Thanks to African Heart Foundation.

12. 10. 2016

We visited the Alzaiem Alazhari University in Khartoum, Sudan, where we met the students and answered their questions about internships in Czech hospitals. Afterwards, interviews with applicants were performed. Another two students will come to IKEM Prague for one month internship in January 2017.

06. 10. 2016

Another 100 patients examined in Hetauda hospital, Nepal. All patients with some pathological fading on echocardiography were informed about their disease, follow-up was arranged or appropriate treatment possibilites were offered.

04. 10. 2016

Nepal, Birgunj. 37 degrees, 93% humidity. The poorest region of Nepal today welcomed the doctors from African Heart Foundation and Nepalese colleagues. People without the chance to get good health care have access to free blood and heart tests. We found nearly 20 serious complications and ensured further treatment. We are glad to be in places where our help really need.

02. 10. 2016

Kalaiya, Nepal. Over 400 patients went for a heart examination. Our doctors have revealed a series of heart problems and offered further help.

30. 09. 2016

Seven year old Sudanese boy Adam Abdulrasol with congenital heart disease is in good health after the catheter surgery. Thanks to support of the African Heart Foundation. We are happy that he is doing well after the procedure.

16. 09. 2016

After a successful mission in Sudan, where we examined 1,122 children, we will organize volunteer mission to Nepal. Our primary goal is Africa, but we could not refuse help in the areas affected by the recent earthquake. African Heart Foundation team - Michal Pazderník and Tomáš Kaplan accompanied by cardiologists Shahn Suhail and Denisa Jahnlová will depart at the end of September 2016. During the one-week mission we will examine adults and children with the aim of diagnosing rheumatic heart disease and congenital heart defects.

15. 09. 2016

Kaltom Abakar - two-year girl - who suffered from heart complications after surgery with her mother. She is doing well. Please excuse the poor-quality of image. We wish to Kaltom good health! And we will continue to monitor her state of health.

12. 09. 2016

Another Sudanese child can enjoy a normal childhood thanks to the financial support of the African Heart Foundation. Two-year girl Kaltom Ahmed Abakar - from poor province from east Sudan called Kassala - suffered from repeated infections of upper respiratory and cardiac complications. Complications were surgically removed. We wish to Kaltom good health!

08. 09. 2016

Another study days, second part of the internship was dedicated to experimental medicine in IKEM labs.

04. 09. 2016

Students assisted on the department of Cardiac Surgery under the direction of Peter Ivak, MD. in the second week. They are working perfectly.


17. 08. 2016

Study program for African medical students began with two Sudanese students. During the month they will be trained at selected clinics of IKEM in Prague. The first part undergo with MUDr. Michal Pazderník at the Cardiology Clinic.

01. 07. 2016

The first two Sudanese medical students will arrive for one month internship to IKEM hospital in Prague mid August. Both are among the most talented students of the Medical Faculty in Khartoum, Sudan. During their stay at IKEM, they will spend two weeks working in a lab on one of the existing projects. Besides, this should help them with their first scientific publication. The third week of their stay will be dedicated to cardiology (Department of Cardiogy) under the guidance of Michal Pazderník, MD. The fourth week, the students will be able to choose department upon their preference and discretion at IKEM (Department of Nephrology, Department of Diabetology, Department of Cardiac Surgery). Thanks to the Director of IKEM, Ales Herman, MD, PhD., students will have free accommodation at the hospital dormitory throughout their stay.

24. 06. 2016

Thanks to our support, we managed to save the first Sudanese child. African Heart foundation took care of buying the catheter devices to percutaneous closure of congenital heart defect – Ductus arteriosus patens. Purchasing these devices through the company Occlutech (Sweden) cost approximately 775 USD. Our first patient was a 3-year-old girl named Riham Ridwan Adam who was failing to thrive due to this congenital heart disease, having repeated upper respiratory tract infection and weighing just nine kilograms. The girl came from the region of Darfur in western Sudan and had to travel around 1030km distance to our interventional cardiologist dr. Basit to the capital city of Khartoum. In the photos you can find the girl before the procedure and two days after surgery, when she was discharged home in a stable condition. In the up-coming months we will bring you more information about Riham, including photographs

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