How to help?

„Who does nothing for others does nothing for himself“
Johan Wolfgang von Goethe!

Even the smallest help makes sense. Join the Czech Heart Foundation – our money will be used to purchase medical supplies and special cardiac devices, which will help in areas of increased incidence of children congenital heart defects in Africa. At the same time, we will pay for training of African medical students who will be able to help in their countries more effectively in the future.

Donate any amount of money to the account 6864192 / 0800

All funds of foundation will be invested transparently. Management of the foundation shall be subject of strict control of the board of African Heart Foundation. 

The money will help where it is necessary!

Further payment information:

Bank account 6864192/0800

IBAN: CZ24 0800 0000 0000 0686 4192

iconNadační fond České srdce / Czech Heart Foundation
IKEM - Institut klinické a experimentální medicíny / Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Vídeňská 1958/9
140 21 Praha
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