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Effective help in treatment of congenital heart defects in Africa and Asia

  • Czech Heart Foundation wants to help where it is needed most. Our main goal is heading into the desert Sudan to cooperate with local experts and help in effective treatment of congenital heart defects of children in selected locations of the country. But, we want to continue also in other areas. In cooperation with the Less Privileged Ghana Foundation, we have carried out a medical mission to the African Ghana, where effective medical assistance is needed. We continue our activities in Nepal and plan a medical mission to Ethiopia. 

Internships for Czech doctors and nurses in the UK and Germany

  • The development of Czech doctors' education has a positive impact on Czech health care. Together we can develop the art of Czech doctors.


Programs for African medical students in the Czech Republic

  • Czech Heart Foundation currently invests to the education of African medical students. Only financial help in Africa is not enough. Education of future doctors will ensure that future generations have the best care. Europeans students has the opportunity to go abroad, when they are at university and gain experience through international internships. Therefore, we want to realize fellowships for African students of medicine at the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague (IKEM) – a prestigious medical facility specializing in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, organ transplantation, diabetology and treatment of metabolic disorders. Let´s help talented students achieve their goals! The aim of the foundation is to give knowledge in the field of cardiology to those who need it most.


Help with us

  • Join the African Heart Foundation – our money will be used to purchase medical supplies and special cardiac devices, which will help in areas of increased incidence of children congenital heart defects in Africa. At the same time, we will pay for training of African medical students who will be able to help in their countries more effectively in the future.

    Donate any amount of money to the account 6864192 / 0800

    Let´s help African and Asian children and students.


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