Internships for doctors

An important purpose of our activities is to invest in the education of Czech doctors and nurses, for whom we pay for work placements at leading institutes in the UK and Germany. The aim of the foundation is to transfer knowledge in the field of cardiology, in which Czech experts are among the absolute world leaders.

We transparently support the development of medical education.


May 2022 / MUDr. Barbora Řiháková (FN Motol), Aalst.


February 2022 / MUDr. Ivana Jurčová (IKEM), Leipzig.


November 2021 / MUDr. Martin Vojtíšek (Nemocnice Ústí nad Labem), Leipzig.


November 2021 / MUDr. Veronika Vejtasová (FN Motol), Leipzig.


July 2019 / MUDr. Tereza Havlenová (IKEM), St Thomas´ Hospital London.


March 2019 / Marika Spišková (FNUSA Brno) & Nikola Bándiková (NNH), Royal Brompton Hospital London.


March 2019 / MUDr. Eva Poláková (FN Motol), Royal Brompton Hospital London.


February 2019 / MUDr. Tereza Schimerová (IKEM), Leipzig.

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