African students

Scholarship in Hradec Králové

Czech Heart Foundation financially supported the accommodation of 3 Ethiopian medical students as in previous years.

3 students from Ethiopia

A great signal that the world is returning to normal after the pandemic, even in Africa. At the beginning of August, 3 students from Ethiopia came to the University Hospital Hradec Králové for an internship. They are doing a 2-month internship in different departments of the hospital.

Secondtime female students at IKEM

Another adventure for two Sudanese students ends. International Internship in Prague at IKEM is over. Our program is a meaningful way for a better understanding of the two cultures and the effective transfer of knowledge available to Czech physicians and healthcare professionals in Europe. We wish Nihad and Hanaa to do everything they learned in their homeland. It was short but beautiful. 

Ethiopian students

Teshome Alene and Su'ad Mohammed have started their third week of internship in Fakultní nemocnice Hradec Králové. After attaching to Department of Surgery and Department of Gynecology, this week they are obtaining clinical experience at Radiology and Nuclear medicine. Good luck and enjoy your stay here Teshome and Suad.

First female students from Sudan at IKEM

Roaa Alrofaay Hagar and Esraa H. Hussien are one of the most talented medical students of Alzaiem Alazhari University in Khartoum, Sudan. They will be the first female students who will come to IKEM for one month internship in August 2017. Girls just received invitation letter.

2nd internship at IKEM

Life is like a puzzle. And internship at IKEM in Prague may be important part. Students from Sudan Mohammed Magzoub and Mustafa M ELhassan already know about it. They have first week successfully behind. 

First students from Africa

The first two Sudanese medical students will arrive for one month internship to IKEM hospital in Prague mid August. Both are among the most talented students of the Medical Faculty in Khartoum, Sudan. During their stay at IKEM, they will spend two weeks working in a lab on one of the existing projects. Besides, this should help them with their first scientific publication. The third week of their stay will be dedicated to cardiology (Department of Cardiogy) under the guidance of Michal Pazderník, MD. The fourth week, the students will be able to choose department upon their preference and discretion at IKEM (Department of Nephrology, Department of Diabetology, Department of Cardiac Surgery). Thanks to the Director of IKEM, Ales Herman, MD, PhD., students will have free accommodation at the hospital dormitory throughout their stay.

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