How do we help

  1. We primarily invest our funds in medical missions of Czech doctors abroad - Nepal, Sudan, Ghana, Botswana and Ethiopia. In January 2016, the first mission to Sudan took place, followed by the fall to Nepal and Sudan in the autumn and then to Ghana in the spring of 2017. In 2018, we returned from a second mission to Nepal, where cooperation continues, so we visited this beautiful country for the third time in January 2019. In mid 2019 we went to Botswana, Africa. Before the global pandemic, we prepared a medical mission to Ethiopia. The entire medical mission is funded by the doctors themselves, and the Foundation's account money is invested only to support the mission.
  2. Another important purpose of our activity is to invest in the education of Czech doctors and nurses, to whom we pay internships at leading institutes in Great Britain and Germany.
  3. The collected money is used to purchase of catheterization equipment from German company Occlutech, which are subsequently used to treat the poorest Sudanese children with congenital heart disease. Interventional procedure is carried out by our doctor dr. Abdelbasit who works directly in Sudan and who closely cooperates with our foundation. Catheter set  for one child costs 650-1000 American dollars.
  4. The collected money is used to support of scientific exchange internships of African medical students in Czech hospitals. Students will spend the first part of the internship in hospital laboratories, where they will become part of non-clinical scientific temas, second part will consist of clinical part at selected hospital divisions.
  5. Newly, it is a collaboration with the Motol University Hospital, where a program for doctors from Nepal should be implemented.
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