Mission of the foundation

Are you one of those who can help people in need? We consider it as our mission.

Congenital heart disease is a common genetic disorder that greatly affects quality of life. Only in the Czech Republic, every year about 500 children are born with a heart defect. Fortunately, Czech health care can effectively manage these complications. They are, however, areas of the world where the incidence of related inborn complications, are much higher and effective help is lacking. Czech Heart Foundation wants to bring an effective and long-term support to these areas to help children with congenital heart disease and to provide them regular development from birth to adulthood. The Czech heart for us means a good heart of Czech doctors and medics and all those who are not indifferent to the fate of people who, without our help, can not live the life they imagined.
Czech Heart Foundation works closely with leaders of Czech cardiology - prof. Josef Kautzner, MD, PhD., FESC and prof. Miloš Táborský, MD., Ph.D., FESC, MBA - and has four main objectives:

  • Effective assistance in selected locations preferably in Africa and Asia - medical missions of Czech doctors and direct assistance in developing countries.
  • Internships for Czech doctors and nurses in foreign countries.
  • Study programs for African medical students in the Czech Republic.
  • Education in the Czech Republic and organization of public events to raise awareness of the issue.

The aim of the foundation is to pass the knowledge in the field of cardiology, in which Czech experts belong to the best in the world. Transparently promote the development of education of physicians and efficiently assist selected pediatric patients with congenital heart defects, who could not survive without our help into adulthood. Help with us! Join the programs of Czech Heart Foundation. Donate to African and Asian children with congenital heart disease and study programs for medical students. Donated money will be used for purchase of medical supplies and special cardiac devices, that will help in places of increased incidence of congenital heart disease in children. A donation will contribute to saving children's lives!.

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