Thanks to all our partners for support of our foundation.


IKEM - www.ikem.cz 


HEART FUND NEPAL & Kaushal Tiwari - We would like to thank this incredible man without whom no mission to Nepal has ever happened - Kaushal Tiwari! A genius of managing anything you can imagine with the soul of a child who does not spoil any fun, and he want the same thing as us. Helping those who really needs it. Thank you for everything, my friend, and we look forward to next meeting.


LESS PRIVILEGED FOUNDATION - www.lessprivilegedghanafoundation.org - We thank the Less Privileged Ghana Foundation for all assistance in providing a mission to African Ghana. Without the help of members of this foundation, it would not be possible to carry out activities that led to the examination of 300 people from the poor areas of the country. Less Privileged Ghana Foundation works with children, the youth, street children, orphans, HIV patient and physically challenged persons. 





Technical Design - We would like to thank Jakub Zima and Technical Design for their cooperation in creating the foundation's website - www.technical-design.cz

Agency RAUL - www.raul.cz - Our Proběhni.se charity race, which helps the Czech Heart Foundation, and a concept of support across projects: we support children and adolescents who are dedicated to sports or are attempting to actively participate in sports but are in some way handicapped due to a congenital disorder or due to injuries or illnesses acquired later in life. Through sports, they can overcome their own barriers, associate with their peers and make new friends, develop and improve themselves and thus find meaning in their lives.




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