mainpicAll financial donations are invested into
direct help in Africa and Asia
mainpicAre you one of those who are willing
to help people in need?
We consider it as our mission.
mainpicEffective assistance in selected locations
preferably in continental Africa and Asia
mainpicStudy programs for African medical students
in the Czech Republic

Who we are?

Czech Heart Foundation closely cooperates with leaders of Czech cardiology


Mission of the foundation

Are you one of those who are willing to help people in need? We consider it as our mission.


Help with us

Czech Heart Foundation transparently supports education of African medical students and efficiently assists to selected pediatric patients with congenital heart disease.


How do we help?

 All financial donations are invested into direct help in Africa and Nepal


Czech Heart

04. 12. 2017

Dear friends, supporters and fans, we have BIG NEWS for you! J It reflects all the activities we have carried out during the year and a half of the existence of the foundation. We will change the name! The African Heart is changing to the Czech Heart. Our Foundation is a very lively organism that is constantly developing and we are developing with our foundation as well. It is indisputable that support for Africa will continue to be the main pillar of our work, but time has shown us – it won´t be only one. Activities in Nepal and the Czech Republic are clear evidence. During our existence, we met so many good Czech hearts, who want to help where it is needed. So, we do not like to spoil fans and supporters with a name that does not fully refer to our real goals. We would like to thank via our new name for all good hearts that have been involved in our activities; that have supported us since our start, as well as those who will engage in our projects in the future – actively or by no less important financial or material support. We are the Czech Heart which is helping around the world. Helps in Africa, Nepal and it will also help in the Czech Republic. Czech Heart Foundation!

Early diagnosis

23. 11. 2017

This young man was diagnosed with severe rheumatic mitral stenosis during our screening in Nepal. If not discovered at early stage, this young gentleman would soon develop heart failure and his life expectancy would have been radically diminished. He has been put on rheumatic fever prophylaxis (benzathine penicillin G) and he will undergo surgical valve replacement within 6 months of time, that will be performed by dr. Kaushal Tiwari. Thanks to all in our team Maria HolickaTereza Riška TylečkováAdéla GábrlíkováTereza NovákováPetr KalaMarkéta Rozhoňová.

Nepal Mission

14. 11. 2017

The druhá mission in the history of our foundation is over, we have screened altogether 951 people in 5 days!!! We were examining BMI, blood pressure, glycemia and heart function using echocardiography. Thanks to all team members, it was unforgettable time :) 

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