mainpicEducation in the Czech Republic
and organization of public events
mainpicInternships for Czech doctors
and nurses in foreign countries
mainpicAre you one of those who are willing
to help people in need?
We consider it as our mission.
mainpicEffective help in selected locations
preferably in Africa and Asia
mainpicInternship programs for African medical students
in the Czech Republic

Who we are?

Czech Heart Foundation closely cooperates with leaders of Czech cardiology


Mission of the foundation

Are you one of those who are willing to help people in need? We consider it as our mission.


Help with us

Czech Heart Foundation transparently supports education of African medical students and efficiently assists to selected pediatric patients with congenital heart disease.



How do we help?

 All financial donations are invested into direct help in Africa and Nepal.


Ethiopian mission 2020

10. 03. 2020

402 patients examined in two hospitals and orphanage Shamida Ethiopia. 5 Days of Intensive Work in Ethiopia. Now the harder work begins. Find a way to help patients who have been diagnosed with heart damage by our doctors. There were many, and it will not be easy to provide help for all. But we are looking for possibilities. Huge thanks to our medical team, working in difficult conditions at 200% Anna Chaloupka, Michal Pazdernik, Maria Holicka and Marketa Mikulcova. Fantastic work. And special thanks to Chala Fekadu

Ethiopia 2020

14. 02. 2020

Mission to Ethiopia is coming. We are flying to Addis Ababa on Saturday. Children are waiting for us in two hospitals where we will investigate for 5 days. With the support of Proběhni.se 2020

Another life in Nepal

13. 02. 2020

On behalf of treating surgeons Kaushal Tiwari, we would like to inform you that our foundation help to Mrs. Monaija Khatoon from Nepal. Diagnosis of Rheumatic Heart Disease with severe mitral stenosis. We paid mitral valve replacement and saved her life. We hope that she is fine now. We will provide to you further information

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